This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about our monitoring of Minecraft servers. Here you will learn how to promote your server without investing money, how our monitoring is arranged, why technical problems arise. If you did not find the answer to your question in this section, use feedback page to ask us.

1. Edit your server in your account: add a title, description, screenshots, icon, banner, background images and video. Specify the project site, country and groups in social networks. The more unique and qualitative the design of the server will be, the higher it will rise in the rating. Try not to copy images and texts from other sources, because our robot takes into account the uniqueness of the content in the rating.

2. Keep high uptime of your server. It should be stable in the network without falling and long stops. Remember that players do not like frequent reboots.

That's all! These two simple rules will help you promote your Minecraft server to our top absolutely free. Just keep in order the page of your project and stabilize the server, and we will provide you with new visitors.

1. Sign up and add the server to «My servers».
2. Click the "Free diamonds" button next to the server.
3. Follow the instructions and get free diamonds for quick promotion.
4. Periodically check the section "Free diamonds" – we regularly introduce new bonus programs!

If you have a good and high-quality page of your server, then its position in the ranking will improve significantly within 1 hour. Our robot needs some time to check your design for uniqueness and rebuild the rating.

Of course yes! Each separate design element affects the server's rating in our monitoring. If you filled out the description and it is unique enough, the server will already grow due to this. If you added only screenshots or an icon - this will also help the server in the promotion. We take into account every detail, so that our ranking of servers Minecraft is of high quality.

Placing video on YouTube is already a certain guarantor of its quality. Google does a good job of tracking copyright, low-quality content and provides excellent tools for working with video materials. Moreover, by placing a video on YouTube, you can earn money on its shows, and our monitoring will help attract a new audience to your video channel. Make video of the gameplay on your server and attach it to server page us to raise your project even higher in the rating.

Agree, it would be foolish to trust one single evaluation of the server. Most likely it was put by the owner himself, and of course this is "five stars" :) We start to generate and display server estimates only after receiving a sufficient number of estimates for each server. We are based on the opinions of many players, not just one single person. It takes some time for them to accumulate. If the Minecraft server is quite popular, then a reliable estimate is successfully formed in just one day. If the server is very small, then the estimate can be formed up to several days - you will have to be patient and wait a little. All this ensures high quality of our monitoring of Minecraft servers and makes it the best!