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We are a competitive Minecraft network with unique content. The network has been created in 2015 and has evolved ever since. We put the experience of the player on our priority and have a support team to help us with that. Our team will make sure your experience is flawless and doesn't get interrupted by annoying hackers or server-side issues. With almost daily updates we are always ahead of our competition.

We have multiple different games, such as Factions, Kingdoms, Prison, and Bedwars. With more to add in the future. Why don't you hop on and check the server for yourself!

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Factions gameplay on BlazeVortex

Skyblock gameplay on BlazeVortex

Streaming on my own server BlazeVortex!

BlazeVortex 2.0 update – Factions season III

BlazeVortex trailer [3.0 update]

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