Minecraft server ShadowBlade

ShadowBlade is an economy-based co-op survival server that was established in 2011.

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Server description

Recently updated to 1.18.1, this server is full of both the new and the old. Surrounded by the ShadowBlade Gaming Community, we have been able to keep this gem running for over 10 years.

Along with survival, there are also weekly events and opportunities for players to collect rare, assorted items. Along with actual in-game items, players can collect many free cosmetics to show off to their friends! But wait… there’s more! ShadowBlade also offers many Ranks which you can get with in-game currency! This means you can eventually use /fly without having to pay real-life money for it! Shadowblade is 100% EULA compliant and non-pay-to-win!

Join us on Minecraft shadowblademc.com or on Discord https://discord.gg/3BRue3gEqV

We’re not just a server, we’re a family!

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