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A building-based server with ranks and community.

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Welcome to BuildAtNight, a brilliantly crafted and well-thought out Minecraft server.

Getting started on BuildAtNight can prove seemingly difficult, the difficulty is set to Hard Mode. Unlike many servers, it is made to fully entice players who have everything, and challenge players who have nothing!

In order to rank up on this server you need to build. To get the first rank, Builder, you need to build a regular house. As the rank builds progress, it becomes harder to rank up. For a tier 1 rank, you need to build a decent build. But tier 2 and tier 3 building ranks require much more effort.

There are occasional building competitions, each one completely differently themed! There is no limit to what you can build! Everybody on the server has their own style of building, so take advantage of yours and impress everybody.

The rules must be read and accepted by all players before they can begin playing. A command is specified in them that must be entered to leave the ‘rules box’

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