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LiteCloud [1.8-1.17.1] is a legendary Minecraft server with fantastic modes for players from the CIS countries and Europe, where you can have fun with your friends!

► BedWars:
Get together in teams and fight,
Play in a variety of maps,
Try to become the strongest,
The main thing is not to think about sleeping on the bed!

► Smasher:
Earn points, buy upgrades and most importantly,
download your skill in PVP to drag everyone and everything!

► SkyBlock:
Survive alone or with friends on a flying island with
Ore generator, quests, trade and shops.
And it is also located here... you'll find out on the server! ;)

► Anarchy:
Griefing gamemode. Full of freedom of action,
A huge selection of items in the store,
Organize clans and grief together!

► Duels:
Find out who is stronger, cooler and more tactful,
Fight anyone and find out!

► Arcade Games:
Various arcade games to take a break from boring
PvP modes. TNT Run, Bow Spleef, Block Party, Bomb Lobbers, Hot Potato
and many other games are waiting for you!

Join our big family now:
→ Website: lite-cloud.me
→ Address: mc.lite-cloud.me

We are waiting for you on our server!

* The main language of the server is Russian. However, the most parts of it are translated to English. Server auto-detects your language on first join.

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