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Java Edition Server with Slimefun, Creative, SkyBlock, and Mini-games

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Barbercraft is one of the most fun and unique Multi-world servers around! The main focus of the server is to offer a varied experience for each user, To achieve this Barbercraft offers a large range of custom game worlds including Plotworld Creative, Grief Prevention Survival, Mini-Games, and SkyBlock!

In addition to custom mechanics we also use plugins such as Slimefun and CustomCrafting to add unique items and blocks into the game tailored to Barbercraft. These plugins add stuff that vary from new tools, jetpacks to nuclear rectors to power all the new machines and systems found on the server, and unlike most servers that offer similar mechanics you can join Barbercraft and access all of this with your normal Minecraft client!

Barbercraft now has a wide array of mini-games including Parkour, TNT Run, AmongUs, Grinch Simulator, Paintball and more!

So whether you want to come and just play regular Minecraft on our beautiful Custom World or dabble in all our extra features, we look forward to seeing you on!

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Showcase of the Infinity Stones plugin used on Barbercraft

Showcase of the Explorer Armor added to the Space plugin featured on Barbercraft

Tutorial on how to install and update Minecraft plugins by Barbercraft

Tutorial for the Energy and Oxygen components of the space plugin used on Barbercraft

Showcase for staff help tool plugin

Showcase of the PvP plugin used on Barbercraft

Showcase of the Vehicles plugin used on Barbercraft

Video showcasing the Chairs plugin used on Barbercraft

Showcase of custom Slimefun plugin run on Barbercraft

Gameplay of the TNTRun plugin used on Barbercraft

Showcase of cosmetic pets plugin on Barbercraft

Showcase of the Brewery plugin run on Barbercraft

Showcase of the Chest Shop plugin used on Barbercraft

Showcase of the Moon Terrain Generator used on Barbercraft

Tutorial for the Slimefun plugin on Barbercraft

Showcase of the custom world generator used on Barbercraft

Showcase of the Random Teleport plugin used on Barbercraft

Paintball Mini-game gameplay on Barbercraft

Among Us Tutorial – Featured mini-game on Barbercraft

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