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Residence Claiming on Multi-Server Connected Worlds, SlimeFun, Skyblock, Mini-games

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Multi-Server Bungee Community. Low latency servers with steady tps for players. play.bmmcnetwork.com | play.serenitymc.org. For issues registering e-mail [email protected]

7th Annual Halloween Town - https://www.bmmcnetwork.com/HalloweenTown/
Island World Sky Block Challenge (cash prizes) - https://www.bmmcnetwork.com/Sky-Island-Challenge/

Join our discord ( https://discord.gg/7zxTAN3 ) and check out our Streamer Friends on our website!

Updating to 1.20.x. New world generation current players can move existing active residence into new world.

All Servers 1.16.x Residence Connected Build Servers, Shops, Mines, Jobs, Quests and special items to find and make. (More items in progress, suggestions accepted.) Large Game server prize items can be brought in inventory to build worlds. Special items allowed in Bring your own items PVP.

See Web Page for current Events
Many Events and Giveaways. Join Our Forums link on our Web Page.

*When Registering be sure you type the password the same both times. Example: you want password; herobrine to register type /register herobrine herobrine
*After registering you will need to /login herobrine

Mob collection
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Drowned 1
Zombie 1
Help the server find new mobs for the collection :) It's free and fun!
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BMMC Island World Sky Block Challenge

Mystery Block Race Event - Track 2 Preview

Video Outro, bensounds.com free use music and Mine-imator registered

Quick On Screen Insutructions on Land Claiming – BMMC Network

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