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Fantasy Realm Survival 1.14.4 - Unique Semi-Vanilla - Friendly Community - Time Ranks - Econom

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You like casual Minecraft?

Fantasy Realm Survival 1.14.4
- Survival
- Unique Semi-Vanilla
- Friendly Community
- Time Ranks
- Economy
- Crates
- Vote Rewards
- 24/7 uptime
- No Lag
- Helpful staff
- Easy to play

1. Respect All Players
2. No hacks or Exploits
3. No Griefing
4. Pvp is not allowed unless consent is given
5. No Chat Spam

This is a brand new survival server. If you were looking for a survival server with an unlimited amount of fun and joy, Fantasy Realm is the right place for you! Here, we have a friendly and helpful staff group, a stunning and beautiful world for you to explore as well as a wide range of features listed above.

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Fantasy Realm Shop ft. Dino

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