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A friendly, simple and reliable server for everybody! With a diverse active player base and my core focus on ensuring everyone being able and happy to have fun here, you sure to find my server to be a SAFE and FUN place to be no matter who you are! Features includes but not limited to...

Wild Teleportation right at join, no more dealing with a spawn at join! Promised to always give you fresh SAFE place to get going but if you don't like it you can do it again once every 60 seconds!

Teleportation Accept to be able to send a request to another player if you wanna play with them instead! Who said you have to play alone right? :)

Sit on stairs and slabs!

Sleep in the Nether and End!

Plus so much more!

Rules are simple, use common sense, don't curse and also be nice! You will be required to accept the rules on first join as well.

Mob collection
Parrot 1
Salmon 1
Drowned 1
Help the server find new mobs for the collection :) It's free and fun!
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