Minecraft server PUSCraft

SkyBlock and Survival with great voting rewards! Much more to come!

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PUSCraft brings to you the best of Survival and SkyBlock along with a really chill owner ;)
Probably the best /shop out there that has enough variety of items to choose from.
You can change your biomes to biomes not normally offered in SkyBlock servers (mooshroom biome)
We even offer more variety in spawners you can buy from the donation store!
We definitely have vote rewards but we do vote parties differently. We have DROP PARTIES. You get a chance to run around and beat each other to an item especially the Juggernaut gear obtained ONLY through drop parties!
You can sell your island goodies through island warps and chest shops!
You can also get cool skills with mcMMO!
Good old survival but with a little more something to do.
You can get jobs, gear up and go chop down forests, dig up mines or even go on a killing spree at night!
Of course it wouldn't be complete without vote rewards! In survival we have the classic Crates where you can get a chance to win items that help you survive!
Like SkyBlock, we have player warps that you can use to make your chest shop open for other players!

But don't worry, there is much more to come! Soon we will have a VERY unique, never seen before mini-game. Stay tuned and find out what this mysterious mini-game is once it reveals itself!
Donation Store: https://puscraft.com/

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PUSCraft is a new Minecraft server dedicated to bring you a more simple and vanilla feel to the game!

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