Minecraft server LavacraftMs

LaVaCraftMS is a bungee cord server with multiple servers which are cracked. Anyone can join and play at any time!

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Server description

**Question**: *What is the server IP?*
**Answer**: *LaVaCraftMS.com*

**Question**: *Are alt accounts allowed?*
**Answer**: *Yes, each player is allowed to have only one alt account, but if they are caught using the accounts to give themselves In-game money, items or any game mechanic will be severely punished*

**Question**: *Where is the server hosted?*
**Answer**: *Germany*

**Question**: *What version of Minecraft does the server support, and is it Java or Bedrock?*
**Answer**: *We are on Java and supports game versions 1.8.x - 1.15.x*

**Question**: *Do we allow mods?*
**Answer**: *Yes, we allow any mods, as long as it does not provide an unfair advantage, this includes but is not limited to Kill Aura, Aimbot, Auto-Clickers, X-Ray, and mini maps that shows player names and locations.*

**Question**: *Are cracked clients allowed?*
**Answer**: *Yes, we allow the use of Cracked Accounts, but be careful not to share your passwords to anyone, LC Staffs will not ask you for your account passwords, if you’re hacked immediately ask a staff to attend to this matter right away.*

**Question**: *Does LC have an Age Limit?*
**Answer**: *No, everyone is allowed to play, as long as you have parental permission to play and buy things from our store*

**Question**: *Can I stream or record on the server?*
**Answer**: *Yes 100%, We would welcome players to record and stream in our server, don’t forget to include us!* ;)

**Question**: *Can I have OP or Staff?*
**Answer**: *If you join the server and instantly request for OP, this will be seen as an attempted attack on server security and you may be warned, as for staff you can apply to be a staff member via Discord or our website*

**Question**: *What is the servers website address?*
**Answer**: *https://www.LaVaCraftMS.net/*

**Question**: *What language can I speak on the server?*
**Answer**: *For now most people speak either English or Filipino, but we allow the use of all languages, just don’t spam if people don’t respond/understand that language. (We may not allow any languages other than English down the line if moderation becomes an issue.)*

**Question**: *Can I sponsor the server?*
**Answer**: *Yes absolutely, we are looking for sponsors and they will be considered*

**Question**: *Is this the original LaVaCraftMS from 2011+*
**Answer**: *Yes this is the original LaVaCraftMS*

**Question**: *Who do I contact when there are issues with the store*
**Answer**: * Aya is in charge of all store related issues, but it will help if you inform another staff member to escalate the process*

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