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A long-term SMP for builders! It has: Survival, Towny, Land Protection, PVP/PVE, Teleports, Economy, Player Shops +30 Minigames!

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If you are looking for some people to build with and play survival without getting griefed (towny/nation) just join us. The people there and me would be really happy to see you there! We also have regularly server events on our server which are super fun!

The Server is a Towny survival server meaning the goal is that group of people (or by yourself) build a city.

We got a miningworld with 0 mobs so new players dont die over and over in the first night, also we got one player sleep. We also have a spawn including a shopping district and you can make your own shop as well there!

Server is a longtime server and up 24/7 and we are not planning on resetting the main world so that when you take a 2 months break your stuff is still here

What makes this server one of a kind is because we have server events! Where we participate and compete in a minigame.. It changes everytime Sometimes parkour/maze/puzzle solving/pvp/race/trivia.. Hope to see you there!

And we have a discord server in case you have any issues and would need fast assistance.

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