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Free 1.14.4 Cracked Server (1.9-1.16support) Peaceful Factions & Econ in Survival. We ❤Builds &Art: check out our website for 3D

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JonGames Minecraft 1.14.4 Cracked Server (1.9 - 1.16 clients supported)
Peaceful Guilds with land claiming and Economy game-play in Survival mode
***We Just Updated to 1.14.4 & Added Skywars! (1.12 & 1.16 clients are still supported!)

We Love Builds & Art: check the website for 3D photos and 3D models of some of the builds people have made on the server! You and your builds may be featured there too in the future!

Absolutely Free - No donations & no VIP
This server is an effort of passion and a hobby project. I have the resources to run it for years, so please stop by and take a look. Enjoy simple casual game-play with tight knit community that is totally free.

No Griefing.
/howto 1 /howto 2 /howto 3 ... /howto 7 to learn how to play

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New Custom Wither Boss – JonGames Minecraft server

Intro to JonGames Minecraft Server - View of Cool Builds

New Custom Mob Arena Added to JonGames.com Minecraft

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