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Play your normal minecraft survival / economy but with a unique twist! Get infected with a virus, go through missions for cure!

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Welcome to PandemicCraft!
Pandemiccraft is a survival multiplayer (SMP) server with hard twists and challenges!
It is run in hard mode, which means more mobs will spawn at night and they cause much more damage!
But hey, that's not the only CHALLENGE we have!
We have created a custom virus plugin, where you get infected with a virus, which will drastically change your gameplay, you will have to get rich (by making money from farming, grinding, mining, etc like in other smp servers), and you will have to complete various parkours, which include puzzles, mazes, and custom mobs just to find the cure!
PS: There are ways to minimize the chances of you to get infected aswell! You have to find hidden signs and information at the hospital, at the temple, and at signs in MeryVille Town!
A new virus will be added every 3 months, with different parkours, different quests, different themes, DIFFERENT EVEYRTHING!
Once you join, you will be given a leather armor, stone tools, a bit of food, and a guide to help you play! and then, you are to start your survival gameplay!

PS: We do not hire random players as staff member, we have to build up some knowledge around who you are, and you have to earn our trust, you can do so by showing good attitudes and following the rules.
We are mainly looking for advertising managers to manage our social media accounts and advertise our servers, along with a moderator who can put in good gameplay time and directly report any problems to the owner, along with a dedicated builder team.
Have a great day!
- Zeldien

PS: I would really appreciate posting your opinions regarding this server once you have checked it out, any suggestions you find for our server as a new member are also really appreciated!

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