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💖 [ 1.8x - 1.19x] Modes you love: BedWars, SkyWars, SkyBlock, Prison and more! ⚡

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Mineland Network - a network of Minecraft servers with some quality gamemodes, monthly leaderboards, engaging quests, and no strong focus on microtransactions for players that love to compete, create or just have fun with their friends.

Skins for everyone!
Support for versions 1.8-1.19.4
We developed all the plugins and gamemodes ourselves ^_^
A focus on quality
Unique ranks, suffixes and collections
There’s a gamemode for everyone
Monthly leaderboards and daily quests
A robust anti-cheating system
Active and responsive moderators
No lagging or freezing!

⬤ Creative+:
A gamemode unique to the server!
It’s your world – build whatever you desire
Invite friends and build together
A world rating system
Create your mini-games on the server!

⬤ Survival:
Survival – with DMs, pets, clans, the MobArena, parkour courses, music, auto-mining and a store
Only here you can ride a real train!

⬤ 5 SkyBlock:
A thought-out economy
Quest chains (10-20 quests each)
Survive with your friends on islands without limit
The MobArena with 50 waves and 16 different kits
Ore generator!
Set your own store up on an island – it’s free!
Auctions for dedicated merchants
Make your way to the TOP of the island leaderboards!

⬤ Bridges:
Defend your island against the enemy
Reach the enemy’s portal and capture it
Become the bridge champion!

⬤ Anarchy:
Love griefing? Stealing? Murdering?
This is the gamemode for you! It’s lawless anarchy
Everyone tries to survive in uniquely-generated conditions
Build giant bases and form clans
Become the griefest on the server!

⬤ Prison:
Adding a bit of RPG to regular mining
Awesome bosses!
Factions that will become your second family
Faction wars
A real giant prison
Become the Top Dog and dominate!

⬤ BuildBattle:
Build alone or with friends
Tons of awesome build themes!
A voting system for the best builds
The prettiest build wins!

⬤ PVP:
Improve your PvP skill!
Duels, UHC, Sumo, Parkour and many other submodes
K/D stats
Reach the top of this gamemode!

⬤ BedWars:
Awesome economic system
A variety of maps
Unique items
Kits and Perks for everyone!

⬤ SkyWars:
Solo, Team and Lucky modes
Perks, Kits, upgrades for everyone
Try your luck in the Lucky mode with Lucky Blocks!
Cases for matches won
Truly unique maps!
Sky parcels – what’s inside?
The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll find out!

Become a member of the huge Mineland community:
Discord: https://mineland.net/discord/en
Forums: https://forum.mineland.net/en

➜ Bored? Come visit us: leg.batyacraft-join.online

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