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“I don’t need you to respect me, I respect me. I don’t need you to love me, I love me. But I want you to know you could know me if you change your mind.” - Steven Universe

Five Facet Fun Reborn

Steven Universe Themed Minecraft Server

Come play with your friends and roleplay with others!


IP: fffserver.us.to:25565

Our server includes:

Custom names and pre-made names you can choose! Our server has different gem colors available for selection. When you pick your gem color, your weapon, your gem (which appears when you poof), and your fusions with other gems will be based on it.

You also have the option to join a Diamond court! White, Yellow, Blue, or Pink! You can also be Neutral. Or you can rebel against the Diamonds and become a Crystal Gem.

Our map is a Steven Universe Custom Minecraft Map with beautiful sights built by our own Five Facet Fun Reborn staff. Visit Homeworld with the Diamonds, or go to explore Beach City with Steven. We've got tons of builds to look around, and for roleplaying.

The server has weapons that you can summon, along with a bunch of different powers, which you can use during battles on the server. As you level up, you will get stronger and unlock new powers! Here on Five Facet Fun Reborn, we also have special weapons that you can use against other players, such as destabilizers and rejuvenators.

Want to represent your court or group? Go to the Server Mall on Homeworld to buy Homeworld technology such as screens, wands, limb enhancers, and even court uniforms. That’s also where you can buy rejuvenators, and destabilizers.

Need to get some cool stuff and money? Compete in events and complete quests to earn money to spend on the server. You can also sell your unwanted stuff like blocks and other materials.

We have gem fusion as well! Fusion is automatically colored based on the gems you fuse with. It also gives you more strength and endurance to fight your enemies. But don’t tell the Diamonds!

Roleplaying on the server isn’t just limited to one Era. You can roleplay in all three Eras, even after Change Your Mind and the Movie! If you want to play with Bixbite, you can! Or you can protect Nanafua with one of the Rubies, it’s your choice!

Want to live with other gems? You can live in a colony built by the Five Facet Fun Reborn Staff and Diamonds themselves along with cities and colonies built by other players! You can also build your own city or colony!

The server also has a custom made plugin that adds a bunch of great features to the server and a wedding plugin too. You can also get rings for your wedding if you want to.

We also have a lovely optifine resource pack to turn your Steven Universe dreams into a reality on the server.

Join our Discord server as well so you can stay updated on the Minecraft server!

If you need any help, just go to the staff-help channel.

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Five Facet Fun – official server trailer/showcase

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