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Join MineCrafterCity today and enjoy our unique Minecraft servers, we have survival, competitive factions and soon towny!

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Are you looking for a fun experience? With active administrators, and a nice friendly community?
Ah, that's great! Our server has that and more...

What makes us special?

Let's start with factions, everyone on our factions server gets Silkspawner access, genbuckets, ranks that you can buy with in-game money and other free upgrades.

What about Creative?
Besides that you can build whatever you want, you can get your own map to build in, we've got a custom build leveling system where you can unlock extra features such as worldedit.

While Survival is pretty new we've made it pretty awesome, for starters; it's a player based economy. You can rent plots in spawn and sell your items, we've got antigriefprevention and much more...

Every server we make has been put a lot of time and effort in, and we continue to do so! We hope to see you online pretty soon =)

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