Minecraft server Zeacraft

Semi Vanilla SMP Ran by two active content creators

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Server description

Welcome to Zeacraft, a 1.16.4 SMP server free to join for everyone.

On the server we have a few plugins to enhance your survival experience. With additions like events, ranks, crates and kits there is always something new on the Zeacraft server!

For those of you who like a more classic survival experience this is still fully possible, there are just more options available if you are interested.

Key Features

-Ranks (For sale and Content Creators)
-Crates (For sale and available to earn in game)
-Events (Weekly events and giveaways)
-Optimised for multiplayer (MP sleep, Dragon drops elytra, double shulker shells, grief prevention, customisable armour stands, mob griefing disabled, player and mob head drops)
-Ran by two active content creators

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Zeacraft trailer

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