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Custom Minecraft!

Amazing custom plugins and features! Over 1,100 Quests! Jobs, Shops, playershops, player warps, land claiming, and more!

One Beautiful World

We have a fully rendered custom generated world that will bring Towny and player creativity to new heights. No client-side lag, and no server-side lag. The most beautiful beaches you have ever seen, surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and brought to life with lush forests to get lost in. All while still feeling like a Minecraft world.

Rethinking the Economy

The players drive the economy. No Admin shop, no P2W features. However, there is another, very important, agent in Advanced-Kind’s economy. The cities themselves. Towns will be able to choose from a variety of production centers to build and upgrade over time as their population grows.

An Open Community

We have a large and helpful community!


Bloated and impossible to navigate webpages/forums are a thing of the past. Enjoy the best elements of the community from the comfort of our Discord Server. Useful information, server-chat integration, public moderation record, ticketing system, fun minigames, and much more!

Our mission!

SMP Unlimited was envisioned by Minecraft veterans. We strive to provide an enjoyable SMP Community for people of all ages!

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