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We bring you 1.17 caves and biomes to 1.16 in our NEW Gamemode: Vanilla +

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🌠 Hello there! Let's see why you wanna check us out: 🌠

MineClaps is a place where you'll see things where you'll see content found nowhere else. So here it is: introducing our new game mode:

🔸 Vanilla+ An underground adventure 🔸

We brought 1.17 cave and biomes to 1.16, we are not kidding or baiting you. The caves are generated procedurally and every single one is unique, and they come in with their own biomes, yes... Cave biomes is also a feature of Vanilla +

Ever wanted to explore the world and dug straight down into a massive cave with lush greenery and epic cinematics?
Ever did cave diving with an elytra?
Do you want to take a boat and ride in the cave waters?
Well this world is for you to conquer!

Experience new EPIC caves and unexplored biomes in a vanilla game mode, make your dream underground base or lair.

✔️ New noise generated caves like Mojang does (not a world painter world)
✔️ New villages
✔️ New Pillager outposts
✔️ More EPIC caves

Vanilla + teaser Video:


🔹 Survival game mode 🔹

Go in Survival with new content head to the survival server and join the fun with incredible rewards and show off your farms and builds to the community.

new feature:

Those who have bought the game can do /premuim <password>You'll never need to login ever again, you will jump in game directly.

Website: https://mineclaps.com/

IP: play.mineclaps.com

Discord : http://discord.gg/d2KxMrP69R

Imgur Caves Showcase: https://imgur.com/gallery/MGsMU60

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Vanilla + The 1.16 Cave update Brought to you by MineClaps

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