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We bring you 1.17 caves and biomes to 1.16 in our NEW Gamemode: Vanilla +

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When was the last time you went out in the world?
Saw something that would make your jaw drop?
Explored the uncharted? or just want to experience an amazing mc server? 😲

Your search has ended, Join us now!

Free playtime ranks in survival 👑
Unique 1.17 caves with custom biomes Vanilla + ⛰️
Legendary bedwars Maps in minigames ⚔️

What are you waiting for?

Join us at play.mineclaps.com to Experience the real thing and feel valued as a player with a great staff team to support you to the top.

Mineclaps is a server for players by players.🥳

IP: play.mineclaps.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/sxGaSXxGw2
Website: mineclaps.com

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Who Will Rule Clapsia?

Vanilla + The 1.16 Cave update Brought to you by MineClaps

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