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A tight-knit community with lots of custom features :)

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Welcome to The Spot SMP!

In a world that is getting less and less connected, we’re here to connect people of all different ages and backgrounds.
We strive to maintain a safe space, a place to call home and enjoy your time, without toxicity or drama.

We are a semi-vanilla, community-driven server which excels at introducing refreshing and custom features without bloating core gameplay.
Some of our core features:

• A ranking system based solely on playtime, with lots of perks to unlock.

• Active and engaging economy with a hotspot for player shops.

• Intuitive claiming system, with a custom guide.

• A never-resetting map, set in Hard mode.

• McMMO, a RPG feature to enhance vanilla mechanics by adding skill leveling, special abilities, and more.

• Graves that spawn at your death location.

- IP: TheSpotSMP.com
- Website: http://thespotsmp.com
- Guide: http://thespotsmp.com/guide
- Store: http://store.thespotsmp.com
- Discord: http://discord.thespotsmp.com

We hope to see you there!

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