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LakeMc.PL is more than just a MineCraft server. It is a place that brings together many young people, where you can spend a good time and achieve success in our community. We want to share with you our project and the work we put into creating the Best Survival in Poland. We have a helpful and experienced administration.
The size of the map is 8,000 squares by 8,000 squares. It is possible to randomly teleport through the / rtp command, but also to spawn by clicking on a button.

The plots and guilds system are added to the Server. The starting plot size is 32 tiles by 32 tiles.

The server has a voting system. In return for the votes cast, we receive additions to the game in the form of keys to boxes from which we will receive random items.

We also have a work system under the / jobs command, thanks to which you will earn money and level up on the server. We can't reveal more, so we invite you to visit the server, because there is much more of it
The SkyBlock server at LakeMc.pl is a complete novelty that we can offer you. We hope that several months of preparation were not in vain. The server is fully polished and definitely stands out from the others. The new place to play was created by creative people, full of passion and professionalism. Below we will briefly present what we offer. Of course, that's not all - you'll discover the rest yourself.

Fine-tuned economy. Economy.
Minions that work and earn by themselves.
Auctions, Shop, Tablet Shop on islands.
New LakeCoin server currency (under /drop).
Bundles for premium ranks.
Chests + keys (there are plenty of them).
A magic hopper that works on chunks.
Lottery and Casino.
Wood and stone generators.
Rewards for lost time.
Chat games.
Daily rewards.

Mob collection
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Help the server find new mobs for the collection :) It's free and fun!
Find a mob
Book of complaints, problems and errors
Book of complaints
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