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Welcome To Hell, Which Is Also Known As Trashcan Anarchy. We're A 1.17 Anarchy Server Running Pure Vanilla.

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Welcome to hell, which is also known as trashcan anarchy. We're a 1.17 anarchy server running pure vanilla.
Dupes are allowed, hacks are allowed, and there are no rules or an anticheat. Do whatever the fuck you want here, say whatever the fuck you want. We don't care.

You can fly, blow up villages, kill other players, commit war crimes, build massive obsidian dicks, burn down the entire state of california, and live out of your wild anarchic dreams here.

No plugins are installed or used so you get one of the best vanilla anarchy experiences on minecraft. Most anarchy servers lie and say they have no anticheat, when in actuality, they destroy flying, fast breaking, jesusing, and all of the other fun hacks.
We don't fuckin lie here. There is no anticheat whatsoever.

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Do Whatever You Want Here At Trashcan Anarchy

A random little video for Trashcan Anarchy

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