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⛺ Lymmzy ⭐ Dominate the earth with new items

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Serverip: Lymmzy.club

5 reasons why you need to play on Lymmzy:
1. there are over 30 new items (e.g. weapons, armor) you can find in dungeons.
2. we have generated the REAL earth 500:1 and use it as a map. This creates huge building projects but also wars between nations.
3. there are new enchanters so you are not limited.
4. the community has over 50 active clans with many members and is just waiting for you.
5. there are players with over 40 different nationalities on the server. Among them also over 50 players from Germany.

That sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?
Convince yourself of the opposite and enter Lymmzy via the IP address Lymmzy.org.
It's best to always use the latest Minecraft version, because we are always updating the server.

Your opinion counts!
Every big update comes from our community. On our Discord, cool ideas are suggested daily which we incorporate. There are updates almost every day.

Huge clans
At the beginning you have to join a clan. There are many huge clans, but also small ones. Choose one that suits you. Most clans even have their own Discord server.

How can I build?
You can claim a chunk with /claim. At the beginning you get a handful of chunks. You can also add your friends to your claim and build with them. If there are people digging around your claim, the landscape will be regenerated automatically. If not, an admin will be happy to help you.
It is best to build in places where there is currently no war.

Any questions?
Then just ask in the ingame chat. The community is very helpful!
Or contact our support on our Discord server. (discord.lymmzy.com)

We are looking forward to you! :D

✅ Joine now on Lymmzy.org with the latest Minecraft version! We are looking forward to you!

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Lymmzy server trailer

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