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MMO Survival.Fresh world, Magic, Towns, Economy. PVE. Custom Items, Mobs and Biomes. Dungeons and bosses

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Mmo survival with a small non toxic and Welcoming community.
Dozens of custom items, mobs and bosses. Aspects of game play inspired by Terraria.

Open world survival. Build freely in the wilderness with fancy new biomes.
Choose a class. Each with unique skills. -- mmorpg Style Skills and Levelling.

Explore dungeons for special loot, experience and exclusive gear
Create factories to automatically produce resources. Take part in the economy.

New textures and models for an immersive experience.
No mods needed. Just accept the resource pack when you connect!

Next upcoming update will feature a new dimension, new blocks,
custom structures and rideable dragons.
No griefing or stealing. Such actions can easily be undone.
Absolutely no p2w. Everything is 100% free for everyone.

Regular updates and new content. We like to hear the community's feedback and ideas!
Realmportal opened in September 2013 and has experienced admins and mature staff.

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