Minecraft server Popbob's Zombie Apocalypse

Modded Realistic Zombie Survival

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This server pack comes loaded with more than enough features for a rich and fairly realistic zombie apocalypse experience. With abandoned cities, structures, seasons, weather, thirst, guns, and even a full on weight system, this pack serves to be an incredibly tough challenge to survive through. Be it with friends or alone, this pack is good for either, even coming with a mod that allows you to revive your downed team member or a fellow player in need. Caves are vast, confusing, and filled with stalactites and mites alike. Filled with ores such as copper, tin, and even sulfur and potassium to create the gunpowder for the very weaponry you may soon hold. I hope you can join us in Popbob's Apocalypse ... The future awaits.

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