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Welcome to Renascence!
We are a brand new java and bedrock 1.19.2 server looking for new members.
Server address: renascencesmp.org
Port: 2256
Discord: https://discord.gg/a6wyXwqXrQ

Elite mobs: Gained powerful armor and defeat dungeons and take on powerful bosses.
Leveled mobs: Fight mobs that spawn based on your Aurelium skill level.The more powerful you are the more powerful they become!
Grief Prevention: Claim your own piece of land to keep those pesky griefers away!
Quests: Take on over 400 quests each with their own rewards!
Jobs: Wanna be a miner? Enjoy killing things? Love to build? Then get paid for what you enjoy doing! 🙂
Player warps: Wanna create your own shop? Setup a warp,for a small one time fee, and let players come. 🙂
We just opened so expect some missing content (ie permissions as this is my very first server 😅)but this is just a small amount of the plugins we have available for both players and staff.I look forward in meeting you and truly hope you can help make this server a home for not just yourself but for everyone.

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Help the server find new mobs for the collection :) It's free and fun!
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