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empire is a server that believes it can improve to get the highest quality from its services trying to take care of the users in the best possible way

+ than 5 years of experience

Survival faction all in one

◇ Custom plugins
◇ Intuitive interfaces
◇ Custom menus
◇ Tame a horse and train it
◇ Skill leveling
◇ Custom banner creator
◇ Custom Pets
◇ Jobs and job leveling
◇ Create your empire and conquer territories
◇ Physical store like real markets
◇ Empire Gift codes redeemable in servers
◇ And much more I can't write everything...


⤹ Empire what is it?

Empire is a minecraft server that was designed after a lot of testing, also because the intention is to diversify us also make it as automated and elegant as possible.

⤹ How can a faction be rpg?

Well and that's why you're here, let me explain in a few words....
Have you ever imagined making an empire, with epic battles, training your horses like in an epic medieval era between civilizations etc.?
Well you got our idea right, only here it's a bit more strategic, you have to do what you can also to increase your skills and discover mysterious places, and that's why it's also an rpg

⤹ Why are there so few players?

Hm... it is a question we also ask ourselves from the fact that this server has been going on for 5 years of design experiments, and renovations, continuously.
As a critique the server is not bad, you just need to relax, you have everything at your disposal, which is why I recommend you stay there at least a week to understand how everything works

⤹ What do you mean by user friendly?

I mean that a user needs to be gratified by the game, so there are a lot of things that indicate what you are doing, even a menu that accompanies you without you always typing boring commands in chat or a menu where you can see your profile and much more


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Empire the best he can be do


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