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Empire 1.12.0 / 1.20.+ is the server that features new game prototypes as its only simple, fast and competent SMP RPG Factions, not a classic factions

The server includes some custom plugins and sounds for proper functioning
We kindly ask you to read the server rules and terms offered delicately to give the right security and space to the player
We provide basic 2fa authentication via our discord

What can you do on empire?
Level up your skills by unlocking new skills
find artifacts including kit keys, chest keys, fly, money and more
conquers territories
collect the kits
Set up your peaceful or fighting empire
duel friends in a fight to the death 1 vi 1
bet items, money or your inventory in duels
sell and buy at auction, or through the virtual shop
train a horse
find the gems
Create your favorite mob farm by earning money
select your favorite job, explore the mysterious places
increase in rank by unlocking new kits, and much more.
find mysterious places

Discord: https://discord.gg/eQm9rUfx82
Website: http://empire.cloudns.eu/
Server address: empire.cloudns.eu

Consult our wiki page, the server is designed by an Italian person but connects to an EU location

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Mob collection
Panda 1
Husk 1
Slime 1
Help the server find new mobs for the collection :) It's free and fun!
Find a mob
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The future of boxpvp powered by empire [ ita ]

Empire the best he can be do

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