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Welcome to Mangrove MC. We're a small little server that takes pride in offering a welcoming, inclusive, capybara filled environment for the LGBTQ+ community. We have overhauled almost every single aspect of the game with only a texturepack & no mods, while still keeping good ol fashioned QOL features like /home, /rtp, /marry, /pwarp and more.

Starting with the most immersive, world generation. Every single biome in the Overworld, Nether, and End have been given an absolute facelift. Custom structures, Seasons, 4+ bosses, and 40+ new wild mobs like bison, bears, elephants have been added to make the world feel alive. Even after exploring for weeks you still won't see all we have to offer.

If you'd prefer to stay at home and decorate, we have options for you too. We have 45+ building blocks that you can construct your house with, and then 57+ pieces of furniture like chairs, potted plants, tables & more that you can decorate with.

You may notice that I've used + quite a lot, that's because we add content updates so frequently that it becomes tiring to change numbers on every single website. We try to publish minor content updates every weekend and major ones every month, ensuring a steady stream of new features and surprises.

If you're into the more nerdy, science-y stuff we have options for you too. Embrace your inner mad scientist with Slimefun, a gateway to Backpacks to Jetpacks. Slimefun lets every player decide on their own how much they want to dive into Magic or Tech. Alternatively, you can embark on a journey of mastery with MCMMO where you can level up your skills, gain exciting new abilities, and stand out as the ultimate warrior among other players.

Join our discord to talk to other players and vote on new features. https://discord.gg/usM7JuNQph
Have a question about any of this? DM me or comment and I'll get back to u as soon as possible. <33

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