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When we truly calm down, we will cease to exist. [Full version 1.21]

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Welcome to the 02calm server - a world where your Minecraft fantasies know no bounds! Our server offers a unique Minecraft experience where you can do whatever you want. Here's what you can expect:

Freedom and creativity:
There are no strict restrictions here. You can build, explore and create to your heart's content. Build amazing structures, make art, or just enjoy the beauty of the world.

Protect your territories with our privatization plugin. You can set access rules and share your resources only with those you choose.

Griefing is allowed on our server, but please remember to follow the rules to ensure fair play.

We have an in-game economic system that allows you to earn in-game currency. You can sell resources and trade with other players to replenish your balance.

Item purchases:
If you want to speed up your progress or purchase rare items, we have a store where you can purchase items for real money.

Join us and go on an incredible journey through the world of Minecraft on the 02calm server! We have a friendly community and an active administration, ready to help you with any questions. We look forward to your presence on our server for unforgettable adventures and fun.

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