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Nostalgic minecraft server for survival without privates and donations.

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Nostalgic minecraft server for survival without privates and donations.
There are no hard rules, but there are local restrictions, such as: "do not griffer spavn and its surroundings (1000 blocks radius)" and "do not do lavakasta near the spavn (1000 blocks from the spavn)". We will try not to introduce rules but physically restrict players with plugins, if we conclude that it will be necessary ...
There are anti-cheat and anti-dupe, but if someone can bypass them - ban for this will not be (but soon will fix most likely).
Basically, players themselves can build the surroundings of the spavnon and bring it to the desired form.
Small bases cannot be tracked, but if large bases/towns are griefed, it is likely that the griefed area will be rolled back. There's a privateing of specific chests with tabs, but there's no privateing of the rest.
There will be no vypes, but local additions (spliff, minigames, and more) will be added near/under spavn as needed. There is no donation yet (and most likely - will not be).

(The server will work as long as the admin has money)

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