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0b0t is a minecraft anarchy server from 2016 and a good alternative to the popular server 2b2t, but without the long queue.

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Welcome to 0b0t, an alternative to 2b2t, the 6 year old Minecraft server. There are no moderators and you can do anything. Hacking is absolutely allowed. I will never reset this server. I will never ban anyone, because there are no rules. Hacks work too.

There are no drastically invasive plugins. It's a copy of a copy of a late anarchy server with a few player slots and just a few plugins. The card will probably never reset. Duping is allowed. Survive with many nether portal traps. Come in and find the stash of another Old or Newfag. 0builders0tools is an anarchy minecraft server with no rules. No reset of the map. 0b0t is the best clone and will never be reset or sold or given away. 0b0t is a Minecraft server that aims to never reset the world in a rule-free Pvp environment, with little change to the Vanilla Survival Gamemode. The world is very old, with a huge size of and very many players regularly visited. 0b0t is an alternative to the popular server 2b2t without the long queue.

Hacks, swearing, raiding and everything else is allowed. There are no rules. Otherwise, there is not much to say, it's that simple. Anarchy servers have no rules and you have the freedom to do what you want. Unlike other servers, the owner is not intrusive here and everything you can see here is created by the player.

We do not give out op and everything is fair. The server has many player slots, as we do not expect many players. There is an active Dupes. With this Dupes you can, for example, stack each item to 64 and essentially outsmart the item via the craft recipe book. The players are usually friendly and give you equipment.

I hope you enjoy your time here! If you want to join a new anarchy server then come to 0b0t. Server online since July 2016. Join now! Our Reddit can be reached at https://www.reddit.com/r/0b0t/.

Stop by and play along. See you!
The 0b0t team.

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