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Anarchy server 1.20.4

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Server description

- 3 years without map resets
- Pure gameplay: No pay-to-win, land claiming, or tp/home/kit commands
- World border at 30 million blocks
- Running hacks? Bring it on¹
- Always on the latest version of Minecraft Java
- Zero rules – total anarchy

Karasique is a Russian-speaking anarchy server, launched on april 4, 2020.
Don't expect a family-friendly experience here — the chaos kicks off right from the spawn point.
The world size here? It's more than 5 terabytes
Feel free to leave your mark, even if it means tearing things down. Every block is just waiting for its fate to be decided by players.

¹Wanna use movement hacks? Not today! Other cheats? No problem.

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Help the server find new mobs for the collection :) It's free and fun!
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