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Classic Survival - |No Land-Claim|No Grief-Protection|No Teleport|No World Reset | Anti-Cheat| Hard Difficulty|PvP On|

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The Golden Egg is a place where you can experience the game as it was then! Players have NO access to /teleport or /sethome commands for true classic gameplay. Players can Kill, Grief, and Steal items from each other.

Our server is the next best thing, so join early!

Here is what the server is all about:

-No Land Claim
-No World Reset
-Unlimited World
-No Teleport
-PvP Enabled
-Griefing Allowed
-Stealing & Killing allowed
-No Cheats (Matrix Premium)
-High Optimisation (No Lag)
-Minimal Plugin
-No Pay-To-Win
-You can join using any Minecraft version!
-There is No other server like this!

We have a borderless world, with the remainings of players that could not escape the spawn. Feel free to join now, and establish your base. Meet new people, join a team and raid other bases to become even stronger. Conquer all dimensions and become the server King!

Join Now: thegoldenegg.online

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No reset and no rules survival


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